Cash Sources

There are three primary sources of cash for every business. The operation can borrow money, it can get more capital from the owners/investors, or earn the money. If a new business operation, try to match the sources off the funds to the respective uses to maximize the business going concern.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy – Know the Difference

Every business owner needs to know the difference between insolvency and bankruptcy.  Often these two terms are misunderstood and improperly used in conversation.  You need to know their correct meaning because both are used in civil law and both have different issues to address during the process.  In addition, understanding these two terms builds a …

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Quick Ratio – Definition, Explanation and Proper Use

The quick ratio is a formula used in business to identify the ability of a business to pay its current liabilities.  It is also known as the ‘Acid Test’ formula (ratio).  In the large markets this formula is one of the financial industry ratios used to value the stock of a corporation.  In the arena …

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Effective Internal Controls for Cash

All businesses should have internal controls to deter fraud, detect theft, and preserve assets.  Of all the assets, cash is the easiest to misappropriate.  Effective internal controls for cash prevent the proverbial hand in the cookie jar.   So how does a small business develop internal controls for cash?  What are good cash control systems and …

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An Explanation of Current Assets

The asset side of the balance sheet is divided into 3 major sections.  They include current assets, fixed assets, and other assets.  Current assets carry the most value to the small business entrepreneur because of the cash conversion aspect.  Cash is the blood that keeps a business alive.  So what are current assets?  How do …

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What is Accrual Accounting?

Accrual accounting is the preferred method of accounting for all business operations.  Any publicly traded company must comply with the principles of accrual accounting.  Small business operations can choose between cash and accrual accounting for their records.  Although cash accounting is the easiest to work with as a small business operation, accrual accounting will provide …

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How to Find Investment Capital – The Vendor Connection

All vendors look for avenues to expand their market share or maintain their market share.  Many times it is to their benefit to provide start-up capital to potential point of sale opportunities.  If they can assure themselves of a long term buyer of their product or service, then they will give serious consideration to a new …

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