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Value Investing
USS Virginia CGN-38

After serving 6 years in the US Navy, I completed 7 years of education in accounting and earned a Masters of Science in Accounting. I practiced as a Certified Public Accountant for over 12 years and have provided bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services for over 30 years. During that time I personally feel that my clients taught me more than I taught them.

I have written over 640 articles (over 1.2 Million words!) that are posted to this site; that is equivalent to 12 novels. I still feel that I haven’t even touched the surface of business issues and will continue to write.

After eight years of preparing the foundation of resources, I tested value investing principles by creating an investment fund that adhered to the core tenet and principles of value investing. Over the last three and one-quarter years, this Fund has outperformed the next closest major index by a factor of 1.5! 


Look at the results lifetime to date through December 31, 2022.

Value Investing

No other website documents and puts forth the results of their investments and updates readers monthly with the respective activities and performance. They will not do this because at some point their system fails or the risk dramatically increases undermining their position and statements put forth. I have no problem identifying an error to the membership. Actually, it will happen at some point; I look at it as an opportunity to learn or discover a flaw with the formulas used. Thus far, every trade has been beneficial to the Investment Fund. Only one trade to date underperformed the expected outcome. It simply took longer to recover to the sales price desired. Thus, instead of a minimum 20% return on the investment, it was just slightly more than 14%. It is going to happen every now and then. Overall, the entire Fund simply outperforms all other major indices during the same time period.

Given the exceptional results, I’ve turned this site into a value investing membership site including a club whereby members go through three phases of education and participation. The last phase allows them to share their knowledge with other members of the club. Click on the value investing button above in the main menu bar and click on the member program to join. 

If you need to contact me via e-mail, send to dave@comcast.net. I generally respond within 24 hours. YES, I actually do respond. I’m an educator, I love a good thought-provoking question and want to hear others’ insight to problem resolution or their unique business thinking.

I consider myself well read and an educator. I have the necessary formal education, job history, input from mentors and lifetime experiences to prepare me to write and document business theories and principles. 


  • Undergraduate Degree in Accounting – Christopher Newport University
  • Masters of Science in Accounting – Old Dominion University
  • Certified Public Accountant – 1999 to 2012
  • Certificate in Financial Planning – Old Dominion University 1994 (One-Year Program Exploring the 5 Areas of Personal Financial Planning)

I’m actively involved in the community and actually enjoy getting out there and helping others. It is how I meet new friends and hear wonderful stories about business and life.

Community Service:

  • Nine Years as a Boy Scout Adult Leader (Committee Positions, Eagle Scout Mentor, Den Leader)
  • Eight Years as a Little League Coach (And Yes, I’ve Been Beaned by Many a Baseball)
  • Two Years as a Volunteer Little League Umpire (Parents take this game too seriously)
  • Five Years as Committee Member for a Big Brothers/Big Sisters Chapter (2 Years as President of the Chapter)
  • Two Years – Kiwanis Member

Two clients in particular were astute businessmen. One was an engineer the other an RV dealer. Thank you Bob V. and Crosby Forrest for what you taught me about business and life. Along the way, I have performed services for many different industries and learned that each industry has their own set of principles and standards to earn a net profit. The lessons learned are what I write about on this site.

This site is designed to help investors utilize an excellent well tested and thorough process of systematic buying and selling of stock; it is commonly referred to as value investing.

My Personal Guarantee:
This program isn’t for everyone. If you find this program too intense or not what you expected, TELL ME. Just be honest with me and I’ll refund your membership fee. This promise is good for the first year of the program. I’ve had folks tell me it is too much time commitment or ‘the financial analysis is more than I can grasp’. It’s OK, I understand, everyone starts out with good intentions and then the realization sets in that security analysis is really detailed or takes more work than anticipated. I’m fortunate, I have a formal education in accounting; and also, I enjoy this deep analysis of companies and pools of investments. Therefore, I don’t want you to walk away thinking you got slighted by having to pay a membership fee for a program that just wasn’t right for you. Send me an email; I’ll refund your membership fee within about two days (I’m not at my desk 24/7). 

If you need help or want some particular answers to any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail dave@businessecon.org. I’m not at my desk 24/7; so please be patient, I will respond. 

Thanks for reading and I hope I help in some way.


Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program

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