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My ServicesI enjoy hiking, one step at a time to get to the top. Business success proceeds the same way, one step at time.  

I offer my services to my readers. My first two hours of contact are free so we can discuss existing issues and see if it is worthwhile for you to engage my services. I need to identify the relevant issues and provide an estimate to address your concerns.



My services include:

  • Modifying your existing accounting system including the software to properly match industry standards.
  • Analyzing accounting and business attributes including comparison to other similar operations.
  • Business Consulting
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual reports including trial balance adjustments and tax adjustments; this includes communication with your CPA about relevant tax issues.
  • Implement business process improvements; policies and procedures; internal controls and a file management system.
  • Training of staff.

* I no longer provide tax preparation services but will communicate with you and your CPA concerning any tax relevant issues I uncover. I am no longer a public accountant and therefore do not render audit opinions.

The entire process consists of several steps as follows:

  1. Initial understanding of your concerns (the two hours of free time);
  2. Preparation of an estimate to provide services;
  3. Signing of an agreement between us;
  4. A retainer is paid by the client;
  5. Services are rendered in accordance with the estimate;
  6. A statement of satisfaction is issued by the owner communicating acceptance of the work.

My fees vary depending on the nature of the issues at hand; but in general they follow this schedule:

Hours of Work      Fee/Hr
0 – 5                          $135
6 – 40                        $115
>40                           $97
Long-Term           Negotiated

Many projects are less than 10 hours of work and are completed in two to three interactions. 

I generally perform the services using remote access to your computer with the controls set by you. For example, Team Viewer is one software that allows the partner to reset the password by simply closing the software; thus resetting the password to gain access to the computer. Other examples include Log-Me-In or Right Newworks. I often work before or after hours so as not to tie up technology in your office.  

If you desire to initiate a meeting; please contact me via e-mail: . I typically respond within a few hours.



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