Construction Draw Schedule – Ranch Model Home

Minimum Bottom Line Profit Should Average 9.4%!
For Trades & Subcontractors, at Least 11%
After Income Taxes Are Paid!

This is a basic draw schedule explanation for an A-frame ranch model home. This article details the draw schedule format illustrated below. It details the approximate percentages for the respective phases of construction and explains how the draw schedule is laid out and works. In addition it details the respective four draws customarily taken on a basic small ranch model construction project.

This article is extremely detailed in nature and is used as the explanation to the actual spreadsheet available on this website at Estimating & Draw Schedule Work Book for a Ranch Model Home

You may either use the presented format provided below or purchase the spreadsheet directly. The spreadsheet is $15.99. You are free to create your own spreadsheet using the information provided but I highly recommend purchasing the prefabricated spreadsheet and save yourself about 7 hours of work. The spreadsheet has an estimation page which is explained below. A second worksheet included is used to negotiate with the bank or mortgage company for the respective overall draw values. Then the spreadsheet has four separate worksheets for each draw during the construction process. Draw schedules 2 through 4 include a cumulative draws to date column to assist the user in keeping proper track of the allowed amounts. 


This estimation/draw schedule work book is designed to illustrate the proper format for a basic ranch style home. This is

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