Ranch Style Home – Estimating & Draw Workbook (Excel Spreadsheet)

Contractor's Draw Schedule
Estimating and Draw Schedule for an A-Frame Ranch Home

Estimating & Draw Schedule for an A-Frame Ranch Model

An easy to use Excel Spreadsheet program for the new home contractor specifically designed for  the straight A-Frame or basic ranch model home. This workbook is designed for use by the novice Excel software operator. The directions are located in the article Construction Draw Schedule – Ranch Model Home under the Industry Standards tab. Then click the Construction Industry page to gain access to the article.

The workbook contains an estimating worksheet that automatically populates the remaining 5 worksheets. The 2nd worksheet is designed for the bank and/or mortgage company in determining the specific draw points for draws on the project. There are four draw worksheets that are automatically updated from the estimation spreadsheet and from prior draw worksheets.  The workbook allows for 4 individual draws on the project and can be used to determine percentage of completion for accounting purposes. Price: $15.99 

I personally built this spreadsheet and estimating program. So I actually answer questions when you e-mail me! It is free and comes with the purchase; I just want to help.

You can build your own spreadsheet by using the format in the pdf file below. However, it will take about 7 hours of work and some intermediate knowledge of Excel. So for $15.99, you will save yourself a lot time and some frustration.

Included in this price is the opportunity to ask questions. Once purchased, I’ll send you an e-mail thanking you which will have a return address allowing you chances to ask questions as you begin to use the software. I generally respond to my e-mails within a few hours.

The following is an example of the estimation pageEstimating Worksheet (pdf).  Below is a PayPal button. Once there, if you do not have a PayPal account, simply register your log-in and use your credit card to complete the transaction.

When you get to the PayPal screen you should see the title of Business Economics as the owner. 

If you have problems downloading or getting the spreadsheet once you have paid for the software, contact me via e-mail by typing dave and then the usual symbol and businessecon.org (I’m trying to prevent the spammers out there sending me e-mails) or from the thank you e-mail I send.  I’ll verify payment and then make sure you have the workbook e-mailed to you. If you should have any questions upon receipt of the book, please e-mail me and I’ll help you out pretty much right away.

This software is used in conjunction with the article entitled Construction Draw Schedule – Ranch Model Home. The article describes how to use the workbook and teaches the user the optimum process in getting the most value from the workbook. Please let me know how it works for you so I can update or make changes as needed. If you send me your e-mail address, any updates will be automatically forwarded to you.

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