Bank Reconciliation

A report that compares the existing bank balance adjusted by outstanding items (uncashed checks, missing withdrawals, missing deposits) to the cash ledger in the books of record for a business. The cash ledger is adjusted by unrecorded items including bank activity that has yet to be posted to the books (deposits, withdrawals and loan payments).

Bookkeeping – Sales Via Debit and Credit Cards (Lesson 38)

Sales Via Debit and Credit Cards

Historically the only two forms of payment were either cash or check.  Then credit card payments became very popular in the eighties and today the preferred method is debit.  Debit payments are an instaneous removal of value from the customer's account and suspended by the banking system until deposited into the business checking account. 

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Bookkeeping – Schedules (Lesson 23)


In accounting there are books (journals) and ledgers for source entry of information.  A trial balance is used to monitor the types of accounts.  With the use of parent-child accounts and control accounts bookkeepers can generate a wide array of reports.  Unfortunately this still lacks the breath of supporting information needed.  So the profession uses schedules to augment the reports.

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