How to Make Money in Business

Elements of Success

In my career as an accountant I’ve noticed the same 3 elements of all successful business operations.

I wrote this article as my first post to this website, honestly, this is horrible. But I was new at this and excited to write something. I want you to read the replacement article written exactly two years later and 200 articles later. This article: Three Primary Characteristics of Successful Businesses replaces this post. The three primary characteristics are:

  • First is a high threshold of knowledge associated with that operation. In effect, this reduces or eliminates the competition.
  • Two – perseverance by the owner. This could be years of steadfast commitment or not giving up in face of barriers.
  • Finally – well capitalized; this is not necessarily financial, often it is a time requirement or utilizing business associates. 
This website is dedicated to providing the necessary information to generate the marginal value of success in business and life. Act on Knowledge. 
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