The transportation industry covers a vast spectrum of operations. From the local taxi company to large container ships, no other industry covers more ground than transportation. Learn about the importance of cost per mile and the value of this measurement standard to make a profit in the transportation industry.

Railroad Stock – Discovering Opportunities

Railroad stocks are solid and steady investments. There is limited downside risk and adequate historical data to illustrate buy and sell points for an investor. If properly applied, an investor should earn yields of 18 to 30% year on year. Learn how to develop the investment model for this particular industry.

Railroad Stock Investments – The Standard of Measurement to Buy and Sell Railway Stock

The transportation sector of the United States economy is comprised of nine industrial groups.  One particular group moves more volume of tonnage based on ton miles than any other form of transportation – Railroads.  In accordance with the Federal Department of Transportation, railroads move 39.5% of all freight in the US (based on ton miles which is the length freight travels).  It’s a $60 Billion industry with over 140,000 miles of track.  It is dominated by seven major carriers (referred to as Class I Railways).

Business Dynamics of Hauling

Business Dynamics of Hauling

One of the industries in the transportation sector is materials hauling.  This is your dump truck industry.  All of us see these trucks out on the highway usually hauling gravel or dirt.  To profit well, efficiency is the primary business principle .  Lack of efficiency drives up fuel costs, loss of time in hauling; increased maintenance and repairs, and finally customer dissatisfaction.  This article is an introduction to this industry as a part of the transportation sector of our economy.

Cost per Mile – The Basic Formula

Cost Per Mile

In any industry, especially transportation, it is essential for the owner of a business to understand how much it costs per mile to operate his vehicle, trucks or fleet.  The formula looks simple and in reality it is; but you must understand the underlying elements to truly appreciate and comprehend the calculation.

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