Bookkeeping – You are a Bookkeeper Now (Lesson 28)

Congratulations, you are now as qualified as a bookkeeper as those with two or less years of experience.

After having read the first 27 lessons and if you feel that you have grasped the concepts conveyed; then you are more qualified than most bookkeepers.

There really is no undergraduate degree program for bookkeeping. Nobody has a college diploma from an accredited institution for bookkeeping; accounting yes, bookkeeping no. There are some programs in community colleges. They teach basic accounting principles, dual entry, payroll and lightly touch on the chart of accounts. But none of them approach the subject matter from the perspective of the six account types like this series did with Lessons 1 through 11.

Almost three quarters of all bookkeepers are trained via on the job learning. Here, somebody helps the new bookkeeper learn all of the above. This volume covered the same aspects of accounting. The first 27 lessons explained the concepts of bookkeeping and underlying fundamentals involved. Basically the ‘Why’ of accounting was explained.

The next group of lessons get involved in the ‘How’ aspect of bookkeeping. They are going to cover the daily routines, weekly requirements and monthly closings. In addition, they go into detail about running a payroll, paying bills and complying with federal deadlines.

The daily operations series consist of 42 lessons and when done you will know more than any bookkeeper. The only part missing is experience. No matter who you work for; you will be well prepared.

After the daily operations series there is another a set of lessons for advanced issues. These are common problems for accountants and are rarely if ever handled by bookkeepers. If you should decide to read and understand them then you will be more of an accountant than a bookkeeper.

No matter your course of action, there are in-depth articles available to you at this website, You are free to access them for reference or to simply review for affirmation of your thinking.

There is a constant need for bookkeepers, some even do well financially. I wish you well and send me an e-mail to dave(use the standard ‘at’ symbol) Tell me how this works for you and ask questions; I’m happy to help. ACT ON KNOWLEDGE.

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