Research a Business Plan

Often the researching of information for your small business triggers more questions than answers. These articles get involved in the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of a plan. What type of questions to ask and how to find answers including demographics, product issues, and legal issues.  Always research a business plan prior to drafting and following up on the related business issues.

Research Your Business Plan – Part III

Timing is everything, you have heard this before. Well, it is applicable here. I once had a potential client come to me in the middle of June seeking my endorsement to his business plan. He needed to borrow money for his idea. He wanted to sell fireworks. July 4th was less three weeks away. I looked at him as if he were crazy.

Research Your Business Plan – Part II

Business Plan

There is a process to determine the where of your plan. Sometimes it is obvious, if retail, then a retail location is ideal. If service and the customer travels to you such as a professional, then an appropriate office location is important. Focus on the type of office environment, medical should try to locate in or around other medical facilities.

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