Net Present Value

The Federal Government defines a non-exempt employee as a worker that is protected by the minimum wage and/or overtime compensation rules and regulations of the Department of Labor. This equated value is then compared to the initial cash outlay to determine whether the investment will have a positive or a deficiency of cash out and cash in over time.

Discounts – Various Meanings in Business


The term ‘discounts’ is a broad and varied meaning word when it comes to use in business. It literally has four distinct definitions. Each definition is used within a certain context of business. The first and most dollar expensive use is with original issue discount related to bonds in the market. The second use and most common is as an incentive in business.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Internal Rate of Return or IRR is the value rate earned on investment made by the company with its working capital. In the small business world, this form of financial investment evaluation has little to no value. Allow me to restate this: ‘IRR has limited to NO value in the small business world’.

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