Identify the Work Environment

Identify the work environment refers to a process of characterizing the industry, the customer, the employee, and the vendor to gain an understanding of the physical process of the business. From here, the small business entrepreneur can develop a policies and procedures manual that will maximize productivity and ultimately profitability.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance – A Basic Understanding

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance a.k.a Workman’s Compensation Insurance provides for the medical cost of the sustained injury and for lost wages during recovery.  In addition, if the worker sustains permanent disability, the insurance provides compensation until the Social Security Administration’s Disability Program starts.

Gain an Understanding of the Work Environment

Work Environment

One of the top three purposes of any business operation is to provide security to employees. This consists of financial reward, generating self-worth and creating an environment of maximum productivity. Every industry is hampered by outside forces that places restrictions or dampens the spirit of the employees. Before developing a policies and procedures manual, gain an understanding of the work environment.

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