Cash Discount

Cash discount refers to an adjustment for the total price for paying with cash. A newer economic principle that advocates paying by cash or early in order to take advantage of discounts. Typical discounts range from 1 to 2%.

Using Cash in Construction

Debt or Equity

There is a notion in business that using cash to pay for materials or service is illegal.  IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO PAY FOR MATERIALS OR SERVICE WITH CASH.  It is illegal to do this if you do not properly document the transaction.  This is especially true in the construction industry.

Methods to Reduce Costs in New Home Construction

There are two primary methods of reducing costs of construction.  The first is cost negotiation and the second is cost shifting.  These two methods have several tools in each to achieve overall price reduction.  The following describes each method and the respective tools within each method that you can use to achieve overall cost reduction.

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