Case Study in Cost Accounting

Case study of cost accounting to help the contractor understand why it is important to have this type of accounting in his business operation.  Cost accounting is a different form of accounting that focuses on the respective project, product or service sold.   Cost accounting excludes overhead expenses in its formula.

Implement Cost Accounting in Construction – Document Flow System

This is the second article in a series of articles walking the small business contractor step by step in implementing cost accounting in construction.  This article focuses on designing and developing a document flow system for use in cost accounting.  The next step after creating a document flow system is learning how to sort and process the documents that come into the office. 

Methods to Reduce Costs in New Home Construction

There are two primary methods of reducing costs of construction.  The first is cost negotiation and the second is cost shifting.  These two methods have several tools in each to achieve overall price reduction.  The following describes each method and the respective tools within each method that you can use to achieve overall cost reduction.

A Model of Excellence

Sharp Pencil

By using a concept of feedback and making changes to the business operation, a model of excellence can be achieved.  This model allows the contractor to not get nickeled and dimed to the point of going out of business.

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