Business Models

Business models consist of four distinct groups of volume and margin production. They are 1) Low Volume, High Margin; 2) High Volume, High Margin; 3) High Volume, Low-Margin; and 4) Low Volume, Low Margin.

Types of Business Models

Business Models

In business there are four distinct business models. Just about any business can be identified with one of the four. The following are the four types of business models: 1) Low-Volume, Hi-Margin, 2) Hi-Volume, Hi-Margin, 3) Low-Volume, Low-Margin and 4) Hi-Volume, Low-Margin.

Small Business Model Series Entry #1 – Getting an Idea

So that’s it, I’m going to go into business for myself. I want to own and operate a business of some sort and make some extra money. Who knows, I could be the next Warren Buffett. At age 27, I’m still young enough to have the energy to do the physical part and mature enough now to know that I need the guidance of others to help me. But what do I do?  I need an idea.

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