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Non Profits exist in our society to provide a service without enriching a set of investors.  From your local community association to the large national organizations, non-profit status is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service.  In effect, non-profits do not pay income taxes on excess proceeds.  However, only certain non-profits are allowed to receive tax deductible gifts and these non-profits are referred to as public charities.   This section is dedicated to helping non profits achieve their real goal to the community and obtain financial success.

The initial articles focus on the definition of non-profits and charitable organizations.  Then I have a series about how to properly start a non-profit from the initial idea to getting an IRS acknowledgement letter.  Then there is a series on how to organize the operational structure.   From there, I pen a series on proper administration and human resources management.  

Throughout these articles I sprinkle informative writings about fundraising; what works, what doesn’t. 

I write to educate the reader, this site isn’t designed like a half hour comedy with instantaneous solutions.  The variables and conditions of operations are unique to every organization.  Therefore, a good non-profit director must understand the holistic picture and focus on the most critical issues from day-to-day.

As always, any questions or requests for articles, please send me an e-mail to dave (use the usual ‘at’ symbol) and I’ll respond in a reasonable period of time.  I love to write so my responses are active and I love to learn from you too.  Thanks for reading and let me know if I have helped.



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