Utilties refers to the production and processing of energy, water and waste water. The US Department of Commerce divides utilities into three major groups: 1) Electric Power Generation/Distribution, 2) Gas Production/Distribution and 3) Water and Sewage.

Sales for all utilities exceed $500 billion per year. Electric power is the number one group related to utilities.

Some interesting facts related to electric power:


  • Electric power sales exceed $390 billion annually.
  • Electric power is sourced from 14 major raw resources. Natural gas generates about 42% of all elecrical power generated in the United States. Coal is number two at 23.7% with nuclear following up at 9.2%.  
  • 51% of all elecrical power is generated from publicly traded companies. There are over 100 publicly traded US electric power companies.   
  • Market capitalization of electric power companies exceeds $800 billion.






Information is sourced from:

(1) US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Energy
(2) US Energy Information Administration
(3) Edison Electric Institute

This section of the website is dedicated to looking at the financial perspective and corresponding business parameters to identify those publicly traded companies with the best potential return given the investment. The author does not have any investment in any power company. Therefore, results are totally independent and provide no financial return to the author other than subscriptions and corresponding advertisement revenue from this site. Any opinions stated on this site by the author are strictly long-term in nature, therefore, information gleamed from this section of the site is inappropriate for short-term investing or day trading. 

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