Operations Operations consist of the day-to-day production and business compliance. Learn what management styles work well in your industry with managing employees. Learn inventory control methods to facilities management. All are intricate as a component of making money.

This area of business principles is divided into three primary aspects of operations. First is human resources management, then production control, and finally, office management.



Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program


  • HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Learn how develop a policies and procedures manual. Create job descriptions and an application process second to none. Learn how to interview and hire the right person for the job. Once hired, educate and insure the employee is trained, understands their duties and rights, and knows the channels of grievance. Gain an understanding of employee benefits and how to properly discharge an employee. Learn more here: Human Resources Management                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • PRODUCTION CONTROL This is where the rubber meets the road. Production makes the money for the company. Implement control systems to monitor production, create a process flow to minimize labor needs, and deliver the product. There are techniques, systems, and even some good ol common sense that maximizes production with the least amount of resources. Learn more here: Production Control
  • OFFICE MANAGEMENT This section of the website provides guidance and knowledge related to proper office management styles, techniques and culture. Learn the proper policies and procedures related to overall office management and gain access to resources such as training, guides and products to use in managing an office. Interested? Learn more here: Office Management

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