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The best marketing tool out there is free. It’s your hand extended and a smile on  your face. From a handshake to TV ads, what works, what doesn’t depends on your business industry. Learn the basic guidelines and helpful hints to increase loyalty and respect in your industry.

These articles are in-depth and are educational in nature. There are no quick fixes here. Take your time and read them with the idea of learning from them. This site is designed to provide help and guidance to the small business entrepreneur. Act on Knowledge.

Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program


  • Marketing – A License to Steal

    Marketing - A License to Steal
    I had the privilege of meeting a potential client in one of those business gatherings. I asked him the usual questions and he started to explain his business operation. Well, he was basically a landlord to a gaming function. When I become fascinated by the enterprise, I reoriented my questions to some specifics. Sure enough he charges ...
  • Who is Your Customer?

    Who is Your Customer?
    You would think this is a simple question with an easy answer. But for most folks, they can’t identify their customer. It seems elusive or undefinable. If you are in business, you need to answer this one question. You need to know who is your customer.
  • The Difference between Marketing and Advertising

    The Difference between Marketing and Advertising
    The simplest definition for these two misunderstood terms is that marketing involves customer interaction i.e. human contact, whereas advertising is a non-contact form of information transfer. You can read a multitude of professional definitions, academia literature and talk to just about any marketing graduate and you’ll get a lot of different definitions of these two terms. 
  • The Value of a Handshake and a Smile

    The Value of a Handshake and a Smile
    The number one tool for marketing is the handshake and a smile. It costs zero to extend the hand and use a few facial muscles. But the value it generates is priceless. Pretty much all business relationships begin this way. The handshake and smile is the most effective marketing tool available at all levels of business. 
  • The Three Best Methods of Marketing

    The Three Best Methods of Marketing
    The three best methods of marketing include education, referrals and involvement. Unlike advertising, marketing is a human contact sport. If you truly want to expand operations, there are no other more effective methods than educating the customer, getting referrals and getting involved with the customer.
  • Referrals in Business

    Referrals in Business
    By far, the single most effective and inexpensive marketing tool is referrals. Simply stated it is a ‘Selective Word of Mouth’ form of marketing. The key to its success relies in the ‘Ask’. 
  • Advertising – Monitor Performance

    Advertising – Monitor Performance
    This article will illustrate tools you can use to monitor performance of various advertising methods.


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