Accounting The goal of accounting is to measure economic activity. This is customarily done via financial results. But accounting has many more positive attributes from monitoring performance to cost analysis. Learn bookkeeping, accounting principles, systems and technology, cash flow and finance, and how to read the financial statements.

Below are respective pages of articles related to the identifier. Most of the articles are educational in nature, similar to what is found in college manuscripts, so there are no quick answers to your questions.  

For those of you just starting out, I encourage you to read the bookkeeping section first as it introduces the basic principles related to entering data and how the books of financial record are structured. From there, read the articles related to accounting principles and develop a well rounded understanding of accounting.


In addition, there is a section addressing the different types of accounting systems and corresponding technology used to implement accounting. As you grow and develop a keen understanding of business, capital will become a critical issue and so, included is a section about financing operations. Finally, a sophisticated business manager or owner needs to fully understand the relationships of business by understanding the financial statements. I explain the various types of reports and provide guidance in understanding and reading the financial results of operations.

This site is dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs gain knowledge about the respective areas of business and the associated operations. The ultimate goal is more profit and less stress. It is about the quality of life when you own a business.


  1. BOOKKEEPING A series of lessons divided into three groups. The first group introduces bookkeeping and the corresponding principles and terminology. The second group covers day to day entries and reconciliations. The final group teaches how to enter more advanced entries and explains report generation. Learn more here: Bookkeeping                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  2. ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLESUnderstand the basic concepts of accounting and the principles we use. From here, you will begin to understand the financial reports provided to management and make better decisions. Learn more here: Accounting Concepts and Principles                                                                                                                                                                       
  3. ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY There are several different accounting systems. Choose the system that best works for you  including the software needed to implement. Test and manage the system, hire the right type(s) of accountants, and create a reporting system that will identify critical issues immediately. Some of your best systems offer the solution to the problem. Learn more here: Accounting Systems and Technology                                                                                                                  
  4. FINANCE   Cash is the life blood of every business, without cash, you are dead in the water. Fuel your company with cash, learn how to properly maintain sufficient funds to operate from time period to time period. Learn more here: Finance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  5. REPORT ANALYSIS- HOW TO READ THE STATEMENTS Learning to read financial statements is crucial to the success of the business. If the owner can decipher the information and make good decisions, the company will improve. But to make good decisions, the owner has to be able to understand what they are reading. This section teaches the business owner how to read the financial statements. Learn more here:Report Analysis

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