Franchise Operations

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Is franchising the right step for you?  Learn about the pro’s and con’s of purchasing a franchise.  Are there other ways?  This section includes resources for you to learn more about buying and operating a franchise. Is this the best fit for you as the small business owner?


  • Franchise Agreement Costs – How Much Does it Really Cost to be a Franchisee?

    Franchise Agreement Costs – How Much Does it Really Cost to be a Franchisee?The primary reason for the franchise arrangement is the increased net profit for the franchisee in using the franchiser’s name, logo, brand, or trademark.  The franchiser charges an upfront fee called a Franchise Fee, monthly Royalties, in some agreements a License Fee and Marketing/Advertising minimums.  These additional costs to the franchisee are paid to use ...
  • Franchise Fee, Royalty Fee, License and Marketing Fee – Franchise Agreement Terminology

    Franchise Fee, Royalty Fee, License and Marketing Fee – Franchise Agreement TerminologyTo negotiate a franchise agreement, the potential franchisee needs to fully understand the terminology used in the franchising industry.  Often, new franchisees misunderstand the terms ‘Franchise Fee’, ‘Royalty Fee’, ‘License’ and ‘Marketing Fee’. 
  • The Franchise Agreement – Geographical Territory Clause

    The Franchise Agreement – Geographical Territory ClauseEvery franchise agreement should discuss the issue of the source of customers.  This is known as the geographical territory, protected territory or exclusive territory.  Many agreements spell out the zone or area of your customer source.  It is important to understand the Geographical, Protected or Exclusive Territory Clause in the Franchise Agreement. 
  • The Franchise Relationship

    The Franchise RelationshipA franchise relationship is a partnership between two parties.  The primary party is the Franchiser.  This entity owns a master group of similar business selling/providing the same product or service.  The Franchiser sells a ‘Right’ to his name and his conditions in exchange for a royalty fee.  The second party is the Franchisee.
  • Introduction to Franchises

    Introduction to FranchisesSimply put, Franchising is a partnership relationship.  As a small business owner, you have to decide if you truly want to be in a relationship with an authority in your business operation.  This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement or a nightmare from day one.

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