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Insurance uses actuarial science (law of large numbers) to calculate the premium for their respective members.  Insurance is a program whereby a member of a large group pays into a pool of funds for use as reimbursement to offset a loss (claim) made by a member in the future.  The losses are accidental in nature or occur due to an act of God.  Some natural phenomenon are excluded from insurance – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and meteors are examples.   

This section of the website is dedicated to insurance.  Remember, most of these articles are in-depth and are designed to educate and inform the small business entrepreneur about this area of basic business.  


  • Insurance – Introduction to Business Insurance

    Insurance – Introduction to Business InsuranceInsurance is a risk reduction tool used in our private and business lives.  It is founded on the basic premise that a large group of individuals will cover a catastrophic event for one of the members sometime in the future.  In general, the insurance company uses actuarial science (law of large numbers) to calculate the ...
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – A Basic Understanding

    Worker’s Compensation Insurance – A Basic UnderstandingWorker’s Compensation Insurance a.k.a Workman’s Compensation Insurance provides for the medical cost of the sustained injury and for lost wages during recovery.  In addition, if the worker sustains permanent disability, the insurance provides compensation until the Social Security Administration’s Disability Program starts.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance

    Errors and Omissions InsuranceOops!  We’ve all done it at some point in our lives.  We make a mistake while serving a client.  Mine cost me a little over $2,000 in penalties to the Internal Revenue Service for failure to file an extension on a partnership tax return.  Not a good day. 

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