Value Investment Fund – Status 11/07/2020

Value Investment FundEach week, the value investment fund is updated to bring the current status including any transactions during the past week along with the current balance associated with the closing values from Friday.



Here is the current status:

REIT Pool                               # of Shares     Cost Basis     Market Price*         FMV
    – Equity Residential                 574.459         $30,000             $50.52            $29,021.67

    – Essex Property Trust             48.9644           10,000             226.16               11,073,79
    – UDR                                    606.9803           20,000               32.52              19,739.00      
       Sub-Totals                                                  $60,000                                     $59,834.46
Railways Pool
     –  Norfolk Southern                98.2849           20,000             $222.16            $21,834.97

     – Union Pacific                     114.9557           20,000               190.09              21,851.93
        Sub-Totals                                                  $40,000                                     $43,686.90
        Totals                                                       $100,000                                   $103,521.36
Cash                                                                                                                            330.40
Grand Total Investment Fund Balance (Net of Fees)                                   $103,851.76

*Adjusted lower $1 per share to account for the cost of selling the position; in effect, the FMV represents the value after all costs (transaction fees) are covered.

This is Week 2 of the 2nd year of the fund’s existence and it has already increased $3,851.76 of the $30,000 goal for the entire year. The $8,210.52 increase over Week 1’s ending balance reflects the significant change related to both pools tied to the market’s recovery during the same time period. The DOW Jones Industrial Average increased 6.115% during this past week and the Investment Fund increased 8.585% during the same time period.

The differential is tied to the quality of the underlying investments. Per the fundamentals of value investing, when the market recovers, value investment stocks recover at a faster pace. This is taught in Phase Two of the membership curriculum when a subscriber joins the Value Investment Club. Act on Knowledge.

Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program

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