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Thank you for your payment. Your transaction is now complete and you should receive an e-mail confirmation with all the details from PayPal. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.

Don’t forget this is a business deduction and should be classified as either training or professional advice on your Profit and Loss Statement.

If a double withdrawal occurs in you bank account, please alert me right away and I’ll get right to work resolving the issue. The best way to handle this is to contact me at and I’ll look into it immediately. It may take a couple of days, but I’ll make sure you get it back. I’ll keep you updated via e-mail and we’ll communicate that way.

I do appreciate your payment and if you have any questions, contact me via e-mail at

For those of you joing the Value Investment Club, you’ll receive a series of e-mails from me pointing you to introductory articles, then reference material and a performance review of the investment fund’s prior year results. In addition, another set of e-mails will bring you up to date for activity in the current year. Once you feel comfortable that you are up to date, you will receive updated information related to the respective investment pools including financial analysis for the respective companies in the pool; valuation matrix and finally the current buy/sell trigger points for each of the respective stocks.

Over the next year, you will receive a series of lessons, most of them related to proper interpretation techniques for financial information. In addition, lessons cover:

  • Understanding cash flow and free cash flow;
  • Notes to financial statements and evaluation processes to correlate to the proper value point on a financial report;
  • How details can impact the intrinsic calculation with value investing;
  • Where to find key performance indicators that will give you an advantage over other investors.

In addition, you’ll receive a spreadsheet for you to create your own investment fund and a series of suggestions on how to take action along with where to go for additional resources. Please be patient, the information can at first be overwhelming; but I’m here for your questions and any issues you may have. You’ll get a direct e-mail from my personal account which will allow you to ask questions and receive suggestions. Thanks again.



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