Purchased Huntington Ingalls Industries

Huntington Ingalls Industries

Today, November 30, 2021, the market saw a decline of 650 points with the DOW Jones Industrial Average. This pushed the price of Huntington Ingalls Industries lower by 2.32% below the predetermined intrinsic value of $185. At 1:15 PM, the price dipped to the buy point as set by this site’s Value Investment Fund for this particular potential investment in the Military Contractors Pool of investments. The Fund purchased 112.9943 shares at $176 each (paid $177 including the $1 per share transaction fee). Total invested capital equals $20,000.

Currently, there are 39 potential investments among six pools. Every single one, with the exception of Huntington Ingalls Industries, is selling at or near their respective historical highs. Thus, opportunities to buy low are non-existent in this current market. Having an opportunity such as this is a welcomed relief. The sell point for this stock is preset for $251 per share netting $73 per share gain after fees (another $1 per share fee at the sale of the stock). It is expected that it will take approximately six quarters to recover to this preset market recovery price point.