How to Find Investment Capital

There is a methdolgy in finding captial to make your new business start. Learn how to find that capital, where are the resources and how do you make the ‘ask’.

The Different Types of Bank Loans

Bank Loan

There are many different types of bank loans, each having their own respective purpose.  All bank loans are categorized into two distinct groupings; secured and unsecured loans.  Within in each category of loans there are several different sub-types of bank notes used to make a loan.  Both categories require the owner of the small business...

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Capitalizing a New Home Builder Business

Bankrolling any startup business is difficult enough.  Capitalizing a new home builder operation is a leap forward in required funds.  Typically, small businesses can be capitalized on a shoestring budget, for a new home contractor, just a little bit isn’t going to work.  Most lending institutions require that the project is funded to the tune...

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How to Find Investment Capital – The Family Connection

Twenty Dollar bill

There is one responsibility of all business entrepreneurs that is loathed more than any other.  It’s asking for money.  First off, you have to find financial resources and then you have to ask for money.  This article is dedicated to finding money and how to ‘ask’ for the money from a family member.  It is easier …

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Cash Counts

“How are you going to pay for this?” I asked? My client responded, “I still have checks” which meant he didn’t have any cash. He had the ability to write a check but no cash to back it up. I can’t stress enough how important cash is in any business operation. The reality is, cash …

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