Value Investment Fund Status Week 11 – Good Week

Week 11

During the week ending January 8, 2021, the Value Investment Fund expanded 1.3%. Whereas the DOW reported a stronger uptick of 1.5%. Again, exceptional growth for the fund is held in check due to the continued poor performance of the REIT Pool. The concerns about the ability of folks to pay rent during this lockdown period is holding the pool in check. Many institutional investors in these stocks are waiting for the 4th quarter reports; the preliminary reports are due out in two weeks.

At the beginning of the week, the Investment Fund’s status stood at $116,231 (see End of December 2020 report). On Friday, Union Pacific was sold at $215.17 as that particular stock soared that day. In total, Union Pacific had a 23.66% return in only 72 days. This was another successful full transaction. This transaction added $4,620 to the realized returns total of $9,177.38 including dividends earned of $1,122.12 in 79 days. This is tracking for a 42% annual return. The Investment Fund is still adhering to the expected return of at least 34% during 2021.