What is a customer? You might be surprised by the answer. From the traditional definition to the unusual, how to define and identify the correct customer for your small business.

The Franchise Agreement – Geographical Territory Clause

Geographical Territory Clause

Every franchise agreement should discuss the issue of the source of customers.  This is known as the geographical territory, protected territory or exclusive territory.  Many agreements spell out the zone or area of your customer source.  It is important to understand the Geographical, Protected or Exclusive Territory Clause in the Franchise Agreement. 

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Who is Your Customer?

boy playing baseball

You would think this is a simple question with an easy answer.   But for most folks, they can’t identify their customer.  It seems elusive or undefinable.  If you are in business, you need to answer this one question.  You need to know. 

Marketing – A License to Steal

I had the privilege of meeting a potential client in one of those business gatherings.  I asked him the usual questions and he started to explain his business operation.  Well, he was basically a landlord to a gaming function.   When I become fascinated by the enterprise, I reoriented my questions to some specifics.  Sure enough he charges some high end prices for the facilities.  Man, I needed to figure out how he was able to do this.  So with some prodding, he finally explained that his marketing approach pretty much gave him “A license to steal”.

Research Your Business Plan – Part I

Business Plan

If you read my section on ‘Do I Need a Business Plan’ and followed those steps, you are now ready for the next step in this process.  Hopefully two important barriers have been breached in your quest to be the next new business.  First, you have answered the most important questions of who am I and is this what I truly want to do.

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