The following sections correlate to the website design. These are books, manuals and software I believe beneficial to the small business entrepreneur.

My Books

           $2.99 Bookkeeping Manual Volume 1               118 Pages, 28 Easy & Short Lessons
      $39.99 Value Investing w/Business Ratios            187 Pages, 28 Sections/Chapters


Customized Spreadsheets

Estimating & Draw Schedule for an A-Frame Ranch Model

An easy to use Excel Spreadsheet program for the new home contractor specifically designed for  the straight A-Frame or basic ranch model home. This workbook is designed for use by the novice Excel software operator. The directions are located in the article Construction Draw Schedule – Ranch Model Home under the Industry Standards tab. Then click the Construction Industry page to gain access to the article.

The workbook contains an estimating worksheet that automatically populates the remaining 5 worksheets. The 2nd worksheet is designed for the bank and/or mortgage company in determining the specific draw points for draws on the project. There are four draw worksheets that are automatically updated from the estimation spreadsheet and from prior draw worksheets. The workbook allows for 4 individual draws on the project and can be used to determine percentage of completion for accounting purposes. Price: $15.99 

Contractor's Draw Schedule
Estimating and Draw Schedule for an A-Frame Ranch Home

Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program

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