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Welcome to the registration page.   You DO NOT have to register as Gratis, you are allowed free access to over 125 of the 465+ articles on this website.  Certain articles are restricted and require registration.  Those articles that are more in-depth or highly focused on resolving a problem require one of the subscription levels as noted below.  The various registration levels below are merely time restricted.   One-Time allows access for a week; Bronze is a monthly subscription (cancellable at anytime); and Silver is an annual subscription (will not renew without your permission). For those of you that register for the Silver level, I send you a thank you e-mail and provide my contact information whereby you can ask questions directly.   Believe it or not, I actually respond within a reasonable period of time.

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Registration Levels

Gratis – This level is automatic and allows the user access to about one-third of the articles written on this site.  The articles are more generic in nature and are designed to point the reader in the right direction.  There is no registration or log-in procedure to follow.  You simply go to the site like normal and search for the information you need.  If the article is restricted, it is noted after an initial excerpt.   

One-Time – A one week total access subscription rate of $.99 (Ninety-Nine Cents) gives the user access for a period of seven days.

Bronze – This level is a a month-to-month subscription to all information, forms, templates etc. on the website.  The fee is $1.99 and renews monthly.  You may cancel anytime by simply sending me an e-mail: and give me your log-in ID and I’ll cancel the subscription.  Seriously, I’m an honest guy and I want the readers to be satisfied.

Silver – This level provides the user access to all information, forms, templates etc. for a period of one year.   It is basically the same as the Bronze except one amount provides access for 12 months at a discounted amount.  The annual subscription fee is $9.99, a $13.89 savings over the Bronze level.  This level DOES NOT automatically renew.   You simply get a courtesy reminder towards the end of the subscription.

Gold – (Not Available as of  October 2018)

Contractor’s Diagnostic$99.99 Via remote access, I provide a complete accounting set-up diagnostic of issues related to your accounting system.   In addition, I provide a written report of the problems and how to solve.

Select your preferred subscription.   Once in the payment window, hit the PayPal button at the bottom and you may pay with any credit card or use your PayPal account.   The system creates a PayPal account for you if you do not already have one.

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