Railroad Fund Balance 06/30/2020

It is now the end of the quarter and time to post the status of my railroad fund as of 06/30/2020. For those of you not aware, I am testing my value investing theory and chose railroads since their dynamics and reporting requirements are closely aligned. I started this back in the 3rd week of October 2019. This is a one year test to see how my fund does against the market as a whole. I firmly believe that value investing is the absolute best method to invest for the following reasons:

  1. Downside risks are low, upward potential is good; in effect value investing has low volatility.
  2. Simply do your research and set buy/sell triggers and then sit back and watch the fund grow over time.
  3. Returns on investment should average about 30 percent per year which is about two to three times the market return.
  4. Low stress investment technique.

The fund started out with $10,000 on October 21, 2019 and it is now 8.5 months later. I have had multiple trades to date, approximately 5 total. My current position for the fund is:

49.060606 Shares of Norfolk Southern Corporation – Closes at $175.82/Share  FMV =  $8,625.84 (Avg Buy Price/Share = $203.83 for Basis of $10,000.00)
Cash Position including recent dividend payment from NSC                                        =  $1,555.16
Total Fund Balance                                                                                                         = $10,181.00
FMV Gain as a % Since Inception:                                                                                 =       1.81%

Gain on the initial fund basis of $10,000 is $181.00.

Dow Jones Industrial Average on Oct 22 at opening:                                26,828
Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 30th 2020 at closing:                    25,813
Market Change as a Percentage Decrease:                                                  -3.78%

Naturally, the above isn’t anything to get excited about. The market is a reflection of the current COVID Pandemic and the impact on the US economy. But it does validate the minimal downside risk element related to value investing. In effect, my fund has not decreased in value in comparison to the market. When the market recovers or begins to head in a positive direction over a long term period of time; my investment fund will also recover. Once I sell Norfolk Southern Corporation shares, which I anticipate happening prior to Oct 21, I anticipate selling them at their previous high of $219.88 (01/29/2020 at 10:30 AM). Once sold, my fund balance will equal approximately $1,2293.55. Now we just wait. Based on my analysis, the share price will recover; it is just a matter of waiting. Act on Knowledge.

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