Purchased 98.2849 Shares of Norfolk Southern

This morning at the market opening, I purchased 98.2849 shares of Norfolk Southern at $202.49. Altogether, including my transaction fees of $1 per share, I invested $20,000 of the Value Investing Fund. This is assigned to the Railroad Pool part of the fund.

What is interesting is that at the moment the market opened, the price dropped instantaneously to $198.71. However, the trigger point for the buy aspect of Norfolk Southern was reset to 90% of the prior peak of $224.99. Thus, my computer order automatically purchased at the instant moment the price hit $202.49.

If you have been following along, from the Lessons Learned article I posted a few days ago, I agreed to expand the dispersion factor to increase my returns at the risk of not achieving the buy/sell points. For Norfolk Southern, I expanded the buy point from 8% decrease to 10% decrease. The sell point for Norfolk Southern is 103% of prior peak. Thus, the sell order for Norfolk Southern is now set at $231.74. Time is on my side and if the stock price reaches that point within six months of today, my gain will be $2,678.25. Now, I sit back and wait.

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