Purchased 192.123 Shares of Equity Residential

This post is to record the value investing fund’s purchase of 192.12296 shares of Equity Residential, a real estate investment trust (REIT) for the value investment portfolio. 

As a result of my ‘Lessons Learned‘ article that will be completed and posted this week, I had to broaden my portfolio and include a counter cyclical portfolio of investments. Therefore, after conducting some research, I have decided to invest in REIT’s. They have similar long-lived assets as railroads and have steady growth. All of this is explained in my forthcoming article about REIT’s.

Anyway, it is 192.12296 shares @$51.05 plus $1 per share for the transaction cost. Total investment is $10,000.

Time stamp: 03:15 PM 10/23/2020.

I’ll post additional information later; I just wanted to get this posted so there is a date stamp of my activity. Thanks and Act on Knowledge.

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