Banking Pool

Value investing is defined as a systematic process of buying high quality stock at an undervalued market price quantified by intrinsic value and justified via financial analysis; then selling the stock in a timely manner upon market price recovery.

The third pool of similar investments used with the Investment Fund is banking. Banking is a highly regulated industry, governed by the Federal Reserve, and thinly capitalized in comparison to other industries. The balance sheet is strongly weighted with current assets and liabilities. It is rare for the stock to trade at more than 1.5 times traditional book value. The top three key performance indicators are 1) the spread between interest earned and interest paid; 2) revenue from non-interest sources; and 3) the quality of the loans issued.

There is different tack taken with reading and interpreting a bank’s set of financial statements. The articles that follow in this area explain the respective interpretations of financial reports; how to key in on important bits of information; and how to properly set the buy and sell points for the respective member stocks.

The key advantage of bank stocks is the increased volatility of the stock’s price. In general, the stock’s price for banks vacillate at a higher frequency than the other two pools of the Club’s Investment Fund. This allows for short-term opportunities to fill the voids when holding cash. There is an in-depth explanation of this business principle in the articles below.

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Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program

Below are articles related to the banking pool. Only the excerpts are available to non-members. Full access to the respective article requires membership status.

  • Calculating Intrinsic Value for Bank Stocks

    Calculating Intrinsic Value for Bank Stocks
    Financial institutions, including banks, are highly regulated, extremely leveraged, and susceptible to interest rate fluctuations. Due to this unique exposure, calculating intrinsic value for bank stocks requires modification of the most popular valuation models. There are about five widely accepted intrinsic valuation models used with determining the core price for stock of most companies. Novice ...
  • Purchased Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

    Purchased Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
    The banking pool of the Value Investment Fund purchased 232.9373 shares of Bank of New York Mellon Corporation trading at $41.93 at close of business on Friday January 22, 2021. Total investment is $10,000 for 232.9373 shares at $42.93 including a $1 per share exchange fee. After careful analysis, it was determined that the bank’s stock ...
  • Purchased 2nd Tranche of Wells Fargo Bank

    Purchased 2nd Tranche of Wells Fargo Bank
    The Value Investment Fund purchased a second tranche of Wells Fargo Bank shares today, January 14, 2021, at 12:45 PM. Total investment is $20,000. The price per share including a $1 per share transaction fee is $35.78. This particular investment is a part of the Banking Pool for the Club’s Investment Fund. The stock is currently ...
  • Sold Comerica Bank – Earned 18.38% in 35 Days!

    Sold Comerica Bank - Earned 18.38% in 35 Days!
    Today, Comerica’s stock price hit the sell point in accordance with the buy/sell model for Comerica Bank. At the market’s opening this morning, January 14, 2021, the stock quickly jumped past $65 per share. The order to sell is set at $65 per share. Total proceeds net of $1 per share transaction fees was $23,677.40. ...
  • Purchased 292.0560 Shares Wells Fargo Bank

    Purchased 292.0560 Shares Wells Fargo Bank
    With a tangible book value of approximately $33 per share and a current market price of $33.24 per share, the Banking Pool diversified its portfolio and purchased 292.056 shares of Wells Fargo Bank this morning. The company is due to report its quarter results later this week.  Including a transaction fee of $1 per share, the ...
  • Value Investment Fund Buys 369.9593 Shares of Comerica Bank

    Value Investment Fund Buys 369.9593 Shares of Comerica Bank
    The value investment fund’s banking pool includes Comerica Bank. Based on the investment’s buy/sell model, this morning prior to opening, an order for 369.9593 shares at $53.06 was entered. Including the cost of $1.00 per share, total investment is $20,000. The preset sell price is now set at $65.00. Based on historical information, it is believed ...