Investment Fund

Value investing is defined as a systematic process of buying high quality stock at an undervalued market price quantified by intrinsic value and justified via financial analysis; then selling the stock in a timely manner upon market price recovery.

The club’s Value Investment Fund consists of three pools of investments. Each pool is a set of companies in a similar industry. All potential investments are one of the top 2,000 companies traded in the market based on current market capitalization. The six pools and their corresponding members are:

.                                                              Real Estate Investment
                                                  Trusts (Residential Rentals)                    Banks                              Fast-Food                     Military Contractors             Insurance (P&C)

  • Union Pacific                                Essex Property Trust                                   Comerica Bank               McDonald’s                  Huntington Ingalls                   Travelers’ 
  • CSX                                              UDR (United Dominion Realty)                 Bank of America             Restaurant Brands        Lockheed Martin                      AllState
  • Canadian National                        Equity Residential                                       Wells Fargo                    Starbuck’s                     Raytheon Technologies            Progressive
  • Canadian Pacific                           Avalonbay Communities                             JP Morgan Chase            Jack-In-The-Box           Northrop Grumman                 AFG, Inc.
  • Kansas City Southern                   Mid-America Apartment Communities       Fifth Third Bank             Yum Brands                  General Dynamics                   Old Republic      
  • Norfolk Southern Corporation      American Homes 4Rent CI A                      Bank of New York          Wendy’s                         L3 Harris Technologies          Cincinnati Ins.
  •                                                                                                                                                                           Shack Shack
  •                                                                                                                                                                           Domino’s Pizza

Investment FundThere are no less than 37 potential corporate investments. Each investment fund pool has its own dedicated set of resources, spreadsheets, formulas and supporting documentation in their respective section of the website. You must be a member of the club to gain access. It is encouraged for members to create their own pool and have that pool validated by the facilitator and in a forum of other members. Once completed, that pool may be posted to this site with your permission. If you desire to have your pool posted here, you will be considered the expert for that pool; any interactions with fellow club members related to that pool is controlled by you. 

It is encouraged that all club members complete the initial two phases of the investment program prior to creating their own pool. All members receive suggested buy/sell points for the above three pools as they are generated by the facilitator. 



Value Investing Episode 1 – Introduction and Membership Program

  • Essex Property Trust – Value Investment Fund Buy

    Essex Property Trust - Value Investment Fund Buy
    Recently, the Fund reevaluated Essex Property Trust Inc. and increased the company’s intrinsic value to $291 per share. In an article written in January of 2021, the Facilitator determined intrinsic value at $256 per share. In the course of one year, many market forces have elevated this intrinsic value higher. With real estate investment trusts ...
  • The Walt Disney Company – Position Update

    The Walt Disney Company - Position Update
    Disney is a DOW Jones Industrial Average member, which means it is one of the top 30 publicly traded companies. Anytime an investor can buy this company at a low price, it will reward patience. This site’s Value Investment Fund took advantage of the recent market decline along with the entertainment industry’s setbacks and now ...
  • The Walt Disney Company – Sold PUTs

    The Walt Disney Company - Sold PUTs
    Today, May 9, 2022, the Value Investment Fund sold 200 PUTs of The Walt Disney Company. Market price at 11:06 AM was $107.34. The Fund has set the intrinsic value at $116 per share with a ‘Buy’ point of $110, a 5% discount from intrinsic value. On Friday the 6th, the Fund bought 180 shares ...
  • Bought The Walt Disney Company

    Bought The Walt Disney Company
    Bought The Walt Disney Company “Whatever you do, do it well” – Walt Disney On Friday, May 6th, 2022, the market price of The Walt Disney Company hit $110 per share at 9:35 AM. This site’s Value Investment Fund purchased 180.1801 shares for a total investment of $20,000 including a $1 transaction fee per share. This post is ...
  • Sold PUTs on JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    Sold PUTs on JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Yesterday, May 3rd, 2022, the Value Investment Fund sold 246.9135 PUTs on JPMorgan Chase & Co. with a strike price of $80 per share. These PUTs expire on June 16, 2023 (13 months). The Fund sold the PUTs for $2.76 each and netted $1.76 each after fees. Total realized income was $434.57 (246.9135 * $1.76/ea).
  • Value Investment Fund – April 30, 2022 (Monthly Report)

    Value Investment Fund - April 30, 2022 (Monthly Report)
    Risk reduction is an incredible tool to protect one’s portfolio during market downturns. Over the first four months of 2022, the market as a whole has decreased more than 10% on average. Yet, this site’s Value Investment Fund improved slightly. When a value investor buys a security at less than intrinsic value, there is dramatic ...
  • Bank of New York Mellon – Monitor Closely

    Bank of New York Mellon - Monitor Closely
    Overall, Bank of New York Mellon is in good financial condition and even with the adjustment for a reduction in revenue tied to Russian transactions, the bank will regain market value once the entire market shifts towards a positive position in comparison to the various index values on 12/31/21. However, the current market price is ...
  • Domino’s Pizza Inc. – Intrinsic Value

    Domino's Pizza Inc. - Intrinsic Value
    Domino’s Pizza is the third largest publicly traded fast-food chain in the world. With over 18,800 locations worldwide, the business model is three pronged with franchising as the primary profit center. However, it has one glaring flaw, the company is highly leveraged to the tune of more than $5 Billion. There is ZERO equity in ...
  • End of 1st Quarter 2022 Report – Value Investment Fund

    End of 1st Quarter 2022 Report - Value Investment Fund
    During the first quarter of 2022, all major indices experienced dramatic retrenchment with the market value of their respective index. At some point during the quarter, most indices had double digit value reduction; the last half of March 2022 saw all of the various types of funds recover from the low points earlier in the ...
  • McDonald’s Intrinsic Value

    McDonald's Intrinsic Value
    President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of McDonald’s Inc. said it best in the earnings call in late January 2022, we are “… witnessing the beginning of the next great chapter at McDonald’s, …”. He continued with “2021 was a record-setting year for McDonald’s on many dimensions, …” Simply put, McDonald’s had the best financial ...

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