Value Investing Program – Phase III (Sophisticated Investing)

Value Investing

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

In this phase of the value investing program, the value investor is taught certain aspects of investing that further reduces risk and increases overall marginal return two to three percent per year. Techniques taught include:

  • Utilizing PUTs to add cash to the Fund;
  • How arbitrage rewards those that pay attention to details (simultaneous buying and selling of a security);
  • Preferred stock investing;
  • How hedging works;
  • Owning convertible bonds;
  • Intangible asset valuations;
  • Leveraging the portfolio via margin trading;
  • And more.

Unlike traditional practices with the above techniques, value investors do their homework and adhere to the core tenet of buying low and selling high. This applies to the above techniques too.

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    • PUT Options – Leverage Tool for Value Investors

      PUT Options – Leverage Tool for Value Investors
      PUT options are an excellent tool to leverage the realized return for a value investment based portfolio of securities. In general, options are very risky financial derivatives and are not recommended for unsophisticated investors. In laymen terms, options are classed as mildly speculative instruments in the world of investing. The key to proper use is ...

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