Pre-Estimating Questionnaire for Remodeling (Edition 2020)

The most important element of remodeling is gaining an understanding of the customer’s wants. Before a remodeler can present a plan, he/she must perform an evaluation of the home to learn about its limitations and type of construction. This Questionnaire is designed to address all the preexisting conditions of the home. The Excel Workbook is divided into five major areas of information the remodeler requires prior to generating an estimate for the customer. Tabs include:

  • General – holistic questions from the initial visit and perception of the estimator. Includes questions about the condition of the home, age and logistical information.
  • Plumbing – brings together an understanding of the overall plumbing that exists in the home from water pressure down to system layout.
  • Electrical – is there enough capacity with the existing system to supply energy to the revised home and corresponding systems?
  • HVAC – will the remodel impact the existing system and if yes, how will the remodel affect the current ventilation system.
  • Kitchen/Bath – since most remodels address the kitchen/bath areas, it is important to understand the limitations and possible opportunities prior to creating an estimate.

For example, with the Kitchen/Bath tab:

Question 21: Describe access and egress for the kitchen/bath? 

With the Plumbing tab:

Question 21: Flush all toilets and state status of flush: list them in the layout section with notes.

  Powerful – flush is instantaneous and generates a vacuum sound
  Strong – flush is similar to commercial toilets whereby there is no level increase in the well’s water level.
  Normal – flush has some water level increase before starting the vortex and dissapates almost immediately
  Slow – flush has water level rise more than 1 inch and it takes more than 4 seconds to begin vortex and downward spiral.
  Weak – obvious issues generating the vortex and generating adequate vacuum to pull down the water.

Simply use a copy of the workbook for each proposed estimate and save the workbook to the customer’s folder. Use the information to assist in creating the actual financial value for the services your company will provide.

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