Bookkeeping Orientation

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The United States economy records $21,000,000,000,000 ($21 Trillion) of economic transactions per year. This requires tens of thousands of individuals to record this information. Bookkeepers are responsible for the entry of all this data. This free introduction course to bookkeeping provides insights to anyone desiring to become a bookkeeper or helps those currently in the profession have a better understanding of what bookkeeping is all about.  


Bookkeeping Orientation covers three underlying elements of accounting. First, the course explains the terms ‘journals’ and ‘ledgers’. Next, this course teaches the student about debits and credits and how they tie the final section covering the six major groups of accounts found with every set of business books. It is a well-rounded introduction to the profession. The instructor provides some insights and some personal experiences to assist the student in understanding journals, ledgers, debits, credits and account types. The instructor even injects humor to keep the subject matter in perspective.

This particular course ties well to Lessons 1 – 3 in the Bookkeeping Manual Volume 1 found on this website.












    $2.99 Bookkeeping Manual Volume 1
     118 Pages, 28 Easy & Short Lessons



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  • Lessons 1 - 3

    Lessons 1 through 3 introduce the student to the world of bookkeeping and accounting. The first lesson explains why journals and ledgers are used to record economic activity. This ties into the use of debits and credits and how they are instrumental with the various types of accounts.


I spent 12 years as a Certified Public Accountant. I have over 25 years of practice in accounting and consulting as a controller in closely held operations, board member for non-profits and as the primary contact in governmental audits (IRS and state level). My education includes both a bachelors and masters degree in accounting. It is about the 'WOW' factor, deliver change that improves the bottom line. I care about success for the people I work with in business.
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