Sold Comerica Bank Two Hours Later

One of the advantages of value investing utilizing pools of similar stocks from a single industry is that every now and then, like once a decade, a unique opportunity will present itself to take advantage of the knowledge and hard financial analysis work one does. In this case, it happened today. Comerica Bank experienced a roller coaster price drop and recovery in one day. It’s intrinsic value was calculated to be greater than $50 per share and the price dropped this morning to just below $30 per share. 

The Fund did not have a buy order for this particular security; but, around 10:30 the Fund Facilitator looked online at the banking pool of securities and noticed a dramatic downward price drop with Comerica. Prior experience with this company and keeping track of its financial status created an opportunity. It was decided at that moment that $30 was the trigger point; if the stock fell below this price, a buy would occur. Because the stock is worth at least $50 per share, it would most likely recover pretty quickly. The Facilitator’s thinking was two to three months. It happened in less than two hours! 

At 11:43 AM, the price recovered to $50 (hit $50.85 at 11:47 AM) and the sale of this security was triggered. Here are the results of today’s activity.

Purchase Costs:

Market Purchase Price 1,200 shares at $29.99 each                 $35,988
Cost of transaction at $1.00 each                                                  1,200
Cost to utilize Margin Account                                                     1,200
Total Purchase Price                                                                                       $38,388

Net Sales Price:

Market Sale’s Price @$50/each                                                 $60,000
Less: Costs to Trade @$1/each                                                    (1,200)
Net Return                                                                                                      $58,800

Gain on Sale of Comerica Bank                                                                              $20,412

Return on the investment: 53%
Annualized Return: Unmeasurable due to the time involved. 

Act on Knowledge.

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