Industry Standards

Learn about performance standards and methods to monitor your company’s results against industry standards. There a multitude of tools and principles to guide the business owner to success.

An Explanation of Inventory Turnover

Inventory Turnover

A relationship exists between inventory and sales.  This is referred to as ‘Inventory Turnover’ or ‘Turnover Ratio’.  It is simply the number of days it takes to turn over the dollar value of the inventory.  This relationship is important because as the retailer, you would want this number has high as possible. 

The True Cost of Labor

Cost of Labor

I laugh at the definition of labor costs because in my opinion the so called experts only have it half right.  Labor costs are more than just gross wages and benefits.  It should include the costs of insurance, employer taxation, human resources management and incentives.  All of the costs associated with delivering the human element of service should be included.  Let’s explore these costs from the most expensive to the least.

Use Phase Accounting in Construction – Part II (Trades)

This section covers the three traditional trades that require a license from their respective state. This is your HVAC installer, the electrician and the plumber.  In some contractor may wish to include the septic tank and water well installer.  However, I prefer these two be included in the site development phase as they do impact the site and there is only one connection to the main builder for these two particular trades. 

Controlling Labor Costs in a Restaurant

Labor Costs in a Restaurant

There are two costs that stand out in the restaurant industry.  Food and labor comprise more than 45% of the typical expenses of the restaurant.  No other expense comes close to these two costs.  This article is dedicated to controlling the labor costs in your food service operation.

What is the Difference between Markup and Margin?

Markup Calculator

It is amazing how one simple formula can be so confusing to the average business owner.  The formula is markup.  It is defined as the dollar amount or percentage of the cost of the item added to the item to equal its sales price.  Many entrepreneurs especially those in retail confuse this simple formula with margin.

A Model of Excellence

Sharp Pencil

By using a concept of feedback and making changes to the business operation, a model of excellence can be achieved.  This model allows the contractor to not get nickeled and dimed to the point of going out of business.

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