Report Analysis – How to Read the Statements

Learn how to read and understand the basic financial reports used by all businesses. From the balance sheet to the profit and loss statement, understand why the reports are organized in this fashion. Find out how a cash flow statement works and the value it brings to the reader of this report. Finally, understand how the equity section and the reports about ownership are used for a small business.

How to Read a Balance Sheet – Equity Section (Simple Format)


The equity section of the balance sheet equals assets minus liabilities.  Traditionally the equity section is referred to as the net worth of the company.  If you were to dispose of all the assets through a sale and pay off liabilities, the money left over would be available for distribution to the shareholders.  The shareholders basically own the equity section of the balance sheet. 

The True Cost of Labor

Cost of Labor

I laugh at the definition of labor costs because in my opinion the so called experts only have it half right.  Labor costs are more than just gross wages and benefits.  It should include the costs of insurance, employer taxation, human resources management and incentives.  All of the costs associated with delivering the human element of service should be included.  Let’s explore these costs from the most expensive to the least.

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