Office Management


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Office ManagementOffice management is an all inclusive style that maximizes resources to augment the company’s management team. It includes front and back office operations.







  • Office Management- Introduction

    Office Management- IntroductionEvery small business has a physical spot to process paperwork, whether it’s a notebook in a truck for a contractor or a large building complex with tens of employees for a multi-million dollar operation, the paperwork has to get processed somewhere.  But there is more to this than the physical facility, it is more about ...
  • Front and Back Offices -Differences

    Front and Back Offices -DifferencesThe terms ‘Front’ and ‘Back Office’ are used in business to refer to the form of office work conducted.  In general the front office interacts with customers/clients and handles the day-to-day activity. The back office is where management leads the organization and handles the underlying financial affairs.

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