Bought 400 Shares – Wells Fargo

On 03/15/23 at 3:10 PM, the Fund purchased 400 shares of Wells Fargo. The Fund used the proceeds from the Comerica sale to buy into a position with Wells Fargo. The Fund paid $39.51 per share including transaction fees of $1 per share. Total investment was $15,804. The Fund now holds 500 shares of Wells Fargo. 

Wells Fargo

The current position of Wells Fargo on 03/17/23 prior to market opening is 500 shares at $39.29 less $1 per share transaction fee at the sale places the total valuation at $19,145.00. Basis in the position, including costs to purchase, equals $20,071.50. To date, during tais banking crisis over the last few days, Wells Fargo’s market price has dipped to $38.41. Thus, a reasonable worse case valuation for this position is around $18,600. Therefore, the current position will add value once the share price hits $42 per share. During the past year, the market price for Wells Fargo peaked to $54/share. 

This stronger position in Wells Fargo will serve the Fund well over the next year. Act on Knowledge.

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