Month: June 2014

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross Domestic Product is defined as the total production for the country.  It is measured by including all the dollars spent to purchase products/services from all the various sellers of goods.  The largest purchaser of products/services is consumers.  Coming in behind consumers are businesses, remember they are buying goods too.   This includes everything from office …

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A contract is defined as any oral or written agreement between two or more parties that exchange rights and/or duties between the parties.  Every contract has four essential elements.  The first two create ‘mutual assent’ or what is commonly referred to in law as a ‘meeting of the minds’.  They are as follows: Offer – …

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Profit refers the earnings from the business operations.  It customarily means the bottom line of the business income statement or its profit and loss statement.  For many business owners, it refers to the amount earned before income taxes are paid.  However, this is not correct.  It really means the amount earned for the owners of …

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