Jan 142013
Small Business Model Series Entry #2 - Narrowing the Idea

This entry is part of a series of entries exemplifying the steps an entrepreneur takes from starting a business to selling the operation. It is a step by step process addressing the multitude of business concepts every small business owner must face. This is a 6 year example from Day 1 to the day the owner receives a check for selling his business. Read this series as if it you were experiencing all of the trials, tribulations and joy of owning and operating a business.

Nov 232012
Basic Economic Principle of Time and Money

What Do I Want To Do?  Over the last 17 years I have talked to over 600 different business owners.  I always asked the same question when we start chatting.  ‘Why did you choose to do’ so-and-so?  Surprisingly almost all of them said the same thing.  “I just love doing …….”.  I learned over time that the best thing to get involved in is what you love to do most.  Now given this, one has [… Read More …]