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Small Business Model Series

A series of entries explaining how a business is started, operated, and ultimately sold. It is viewed from the standpoint of the owner’s own thinking and the daily steps he takes to achieve success.

Small Business Model Series Entry # 5 – Whew!


Whew!  That was a world wind first week.  I took yesterday off to get some rest and spend time with the family.  So now I’m back at the project.  I’ve lost some wind in my sails because I didn’t fathom the depth of all of this when I [...]

Small Business Model Series Entry #2 – Narrowing the Idea


This entry is part of a series of entries exemplifying the steps an entrepreneur takes from starting a business to selling the operation. It is a step by step process addressing the multitude of business concepts every small business owner must face. This is a 6 year example from Day 1 to the day the owner receives a check for selling his business. Read this series as if it you were experiencing all of the trials, tribulations and joy of owning and operating a business. [...]