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Skilled Labor

This is a traditional definition of labor having already been trained to due a job. It generally means that the idividual has a formal education and some experience with the work he/she does. The key to this is to understand that it is industry related and not universally defined. Naturally a brain surgeon’s skills are different in background than that of a welder. So use the traditional definition found in the industry associated with the position.

The Different Forms of Compensation


There are two forms of compensation provided to employees; direct and indirect.  Direct forms of compensation have a multitude of types or methods, from salaries to bonuses.  Indirect compensation is primarily the various types of benefits and [...]

Controlling Food Costs in the Restaurant Industry


The top two costs associated with owning a restaurant is labor and food.  Controlling these prime costs in effect is the bottom line in your business.  So how do you control food costs?  First identify the correct quantity and quality of food you [...]

The True Cost of Labor


I laugh at the definition of labor costs because in my opinion the so called experts only have it half right.  Labor costs are more than just gross wages and benefits.  It should include the costs of insurance, employer taxation, human resources [...]

Controlling Labor Costs in a Restaurant


There are two costs that stand out in the restaurant industry.  Food and labor comprise more than 45% of the typical expenses of the restaurant.  No other expense comes close to these two costs.  This article is dedicated to controlling the labor [...]