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Schedule C

A section of the From 1040 to report revenues and expenses associated with a small business operation. In addition to the Schedule C, Schedule SE in attached to calculate the self-employment tax.

Real Estate Agent – Drawbacks and Delusions


The highest prized benefit of owning your own business is independence.  You rely on your skills and have to report to no one but yourself.  This is the allure of becoming a real estate agent.  Imagine, making a lot of money and working when you [...]

Form 1099-C: Cancellation of Debt


If you received a 1099-C, the first question you ask is: ‘Do I have to include this in my taxable income?’  Well, the answer is ‘it depends’.  Not what you want to hear but there is a lot of variables involved in answering this question.  [...]

Mileage Deduction – Rate for 2014


On December 6, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service announced the mileage rate deduction for 2014.  They reduced the amount allowed one-half a cent to 56 cents per mile.  So how do you calculate and use the mileage rate formula for tax purposes?  [...]

The Sole Proprietorship – The Basics


Of the four business entity types, the sole proprietorship is by far the most flexible and easiest to manage.  There are very few drawbacks.  In the world of business, the key is to maximize profit with the least amount of risk.  Each of these [...]

Self-Employment Tax: You Can Stop Staring At Me Now!


I was in the attic once hunting down a noise, of course it was at night and I don’t have any lights in the attic to assist me.  So, I grabbed my son’s Boy Scout Flashlight that mounts on your forehead and headed up to find a raccoon staring at [...]