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Research a Business Plan

Often the researching of information for your small business triggers more questions than answers. This article gets involved in the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of a plan. What type of questions to ask and how to find answers including demographics, product issues, and legal issues.

Research Your Business Plan – Part III


You have now completed the ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ of your plan as a part of the start-up function.  We will now complete the ‘When’ section of the plan.  Remember, you have not formally documented any of these steps.  You [...]

Research Your Business Plan – Part II


By now you have figured out the ‘Who’ of your plan and the ‘What’. If not, please go to Research Your Business Plan – Part I. Now that you know you are qualified to do the job and you have figured out your customers, competition, and [...]

Do I Need a Business Plan?


Whenever someone wants to start a business, they ask their friends and professionals what they should do. The standard answer is always, ‘You need a business plan’. Really, do you? If I do, what is it and how do I proceed? To answer the question [...]