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Marginal Value

Marginal value in small buiness is the amount of financial wealth difference when one or more incremental factors exist over others. Learn how to determine these factors and implement them in your business operation.

Discounts – Various Meanings in Business


The term ‘discounts’ is a broad and varied meaning word when it comes to use in business.  It literally has four distinct definitions.  Each definition is used within a certain context of business.  The first and most dollar expensive [...]

Fair Market Value


‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ Value at the individual level is strictly personal.  But as more buyers for the same item come into play the price of the item begins to stabilize.  If there are hundreds of [...]

Absolute Dollars


In the hospitality industry, there is one financial tenet that takes precedence over any other business perspective.  In this industry, it is about putting the maximum number of dollars (ABSOLUTE DOLLARS) in the register after each day.  One of [...]

Definition of Contribution Margin


Contribution margin is a core business concept and is often used in cost accounting to identify the amount of financial contribution a sold product provides to the company.  Simply put, contribution margin is the sales price less the direct costs [...]

Business and Industry Growth


The second most weighted factor in the risk multiplier series for the Discretionary Income Multiplier Formula is business and industry growth.  This factor evaluates the overall change in an industry and in particular the business under review over [...]

Focus Groups – Adding Real Value to Your Business


I often wonder how a business could get better if it didn’t know what being the best meant.  How could a small business entrepreneur determine he was indeed performing at or above the industry standard if there was no information available to [...]

The Cost of One Putt


“That was ugly” quipped by brother. “Good thing you’re not a pro, your family would starve” remarks another brother. My playing partner just sneers at me. Another typical round of golf with family and as usual, I missed that dreaded 2 [...]